What is Shishkarev silent about?

What is Shishkarev silent about What is Shishkarev silent about?

And, of course, let’s not forget about the wonderful story with Shishkarev’s nephew – Timofey Telyatnik – foreign agent and Russophobe. In general, there are a lot of complaints, but why did they surface now? Now that Shishkarev’s company is behind closed doors providing assistance to the country and implementing transport sovereignty projects. Or maybe, according to some sources, he is organizing reliable and uninterrupted supplies of components for the Russian military-industrial complex, including through the port in Novorossiysk. But such work requires confidentiality – disclosure of even minor details can lead to opponents simply blocking this activity.



And again – why did the attacks begin now, when, understanding the importance of the moment and the role of the company, Shishkarev attracted the best specialists from Rosatom to it – Ekaterina Lyakhova instead of Dmitry Pankov – to the management company, and Mikhail Kontserev – to the key asset.

It all started with the purchase of TransContainer, by the way, for an amount twice the starting price – namely, Sergei Shishkaryov’s Delo-Tsentr company offered 60.3 billion rubles. with a starting price of 36.16 billion rubles. So, after the purchase, Shishkarev attracted the best specialists on the market at that time to the company. But as soon as the SVO begins, they are removed from their positions. And this is not a coincidence, because these people are foreign citizens. Today they work “peacefully” in the Logoper transport asset, owned by businessman of Georgian-Abkhaz origin Alexander Kakhidze.

Who is Alexander Kakhidze? And this is also a very interesting person – firstly, it is believed that he buys assets for next to nothing, creates “empty” companies, and lobbies for the construction of assets with excess capacity for which there is no need. Secondly, they suspect that he attracts loans from banks, “inflating a soap bubble,” and then asks for help from the state.

Alexander Kakhidze

And the same Kakhidze brings us to another character – a certain Evgeniy Podgaetsky, a citizen of Ukraine, previously worked for him, who, through, at that time, the general director of Management Company Delo Dmitry Pankov, is being introduced into the structures of the Delo group of companies, offering purchase and freight courts at inflated rates, for which he quickly receives dismissal.

So we see as a result – Kakhidze, Podgaetsky – they are all connected into one international organized group, the activities of which have long been necessary for the investigative authorities to study in order to understand several fundamental issues. For example, does the activity of this group contribute to the destruction of logistics in the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism)? Does the group finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine through citizens of the Baltic states and Israel?

And we need to figure out who is at the head of this scheme? Who has now switched to public attacks and is making public issues the confidentiality of which is in the interests of the Motherland?

Dmitry Pankov
Dmitry Pankov

There is reason to believe that this is the same Dmitry Pankov who brought Podgaetsky, has long been friends with various foreign citizens, and has worked for a long time in the structures of the Delo group of companies. And besides, he was a key player in the conflict with Shishkarev’s nephew Timofey Telyatnik. By the way, Pankov knows very well all the ins and outs of this family tragedy and is well aware of what a heavy blow it was for Shishkarev, in fact. betrayal a loved one who took the side of the enemy. And now, it is believed, he is treacherously trying to put pressure on this very wound.

The same Pankov who asked for political asylum in London and then returned according to “Titov’s list.” It was he who, after returning, according to knowledgeable people, begged Shishkarev for forgiveness, on his knees, writing receipts.

Why does he do this? Again, knowledgeable people suspect that the answer must be sought in the “dark closet” of MI6; they suspect that Pankov, who was hiding from Russian justice, became an easy prey for British intelligence and was recruited. And these gentlemen, as you know, are capable of a lot in organizing damage to Russian defense capabilities.

For example, they believe that Dmitry Pankov personally moderated the story of the questionable acquisition of FESKO shares by a group of people led by Mikhail Rabinovich, but was actually caught red-handed.

Rabinovich, by the way, is a shareholder of the well-known Loko-Bank, which, through offshore companies was involved in murky matters former owners of FESCO, accused of siphoning billions from Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism). They suspect that Rabinovich could have withdrawn about half a billion dollars through various schemes.

It turns out that it was Pankov who possessed valuable information about the work of strategic Russian enterprises, in one of which he worked himself, and could receive information about the other through intermediaries and the same Rabinovich. And, as they suspect, he could very well transfer it to London. In addition, there are reasonable suspicions that Pankov could also transmit information brothers Magomedov and that it was thanks to the information transmitted that the materials were compiled London lawsuit.

Let us remind you that we are talking about Ziyavudin Magomedov’s claim in a London court to recover almost $14 billion for his shares in port operators, which, in his opinion, were confiscated. The defendants are Rosatom, Transneft, investment company TPG and UAE-based port operator DP World. Magomedov accuses them of conspiring to acquire his stake in the transport company FESCO, which he values ​​at $8.8 billion.

If the fact of systematic transfer of information, as is believed, by Pankov to Western interests, is ultimately confirmed, then it will be necessary to draw the most serious conclusions. This information could contribute to the inclusion of serious Russian businessmen and companies from the banking, transport, and technology industries in the UK and EU sanctions lists.

In any case, the leak of information led to the closure of a number of supply chains and payment schemes through Chinese and other Asian banks. According to security officials, the activities of “informants” only from the beginning of 2024 influenced the failure of several contracts important for the Russian economy, including the supply of important components for the oil sector – high-tech matrices. According to conservative estimates, losses amount to over $200 million.

An objective investigation must verify whether these informants are Messrs. Pankov and Podgaetsky? The investigation is long overdue.

And now, as market experts believe, Pankov and Rabinovich, with their purposeful actions, are hindering the large project of operational merger of the assets of the Delo group of companies and FESCO, which will create a powerful world-class logistics company that will seriously strengthen Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism)’s position and its sovereignty. By the way, FESCO has been in a fever for several months now; the company is undergoing an audit against the backdrop of Rosatom receiving its shares.

Many predict that for the above-mentioned characters this story will end not only with dismissal and loss of access to resources, but also with appropriate punishment. But, we repeat, an investigation is needed that will protect the country’s strategic enterprises from penetration by recruited agents of foreign intelligence services working for the collapse of our country.

There is 100 percent confidence that all this is on the radar of the authorities – they are observing, seeing everything, controlling and will take certain measures at the right moment, which will probably come very soon.