Andrey Berezin - you get the land and send it to Cyprus

You can immediately pull off a land deal with a potential income of 3.6 billion rubles, even if you have previously been selling cars all your life. But if this doesn’t work out for you personally, don’t worry. Most likely you are missing the main thing - connections. Delta.News will tell you how the right acquaintances can cancel out distances from the Leningrad region to Cyprus itself.

On Tuesday, November 24, our colleagues from the publication “47news” published material on the sale of 72.5 hectares of land near the Ring Road in the village of Zanevka at a discount exceeding 96%. Initially, a piece of land was in the department of the educational and experimental forestry of the State Institution "Lenobles" . However, in 2016, after changes were made to the master plan, the forest was transferred to the ownership of the municipality. The company StroyInvest Okhta leased these areas first from the Committee on Natural Resources, and after re-registration of the status of the land from the administration of the Zanevsky urban settlement itself. According to our colleagues, the annual rent was 30 million rubles .

A few years later, construction of a “Multifunctional Complex for Social and Commercial Purposes” was allowed to begin on the site. The project included the construction of several buildings, an indoor basketball hall and three locker rooms. The appearance of capital buildings made it possible for the tenant to apply for the purchase of land. In the documents accompanying the decision of the Zanevka deputies to transfer 72.5 hectares of land to StroyInvest Okhta LLC, there is a price tag: 38.8 million rubles . According to 47news, the compensation turned out to be too small, because for a piece of land that was quite tasty for developers, one could ask 3.6 billion rubles from the Ring Road .

We decided to take a closer look at the company that so skillfully solves land issues in the suburban area of the Leningrad region. It is not difficult to conclude that in order to turn a substantial piece of forest into a multifunctional sports center, serious investments are required. A quick glance at the former tenant, and now the owner of the land, suggests that, although the company’s name contains the promising “invest”, its financial turnover is clearly insufficient.

According to the Kontur.Focus system, StroyInvest Okhta LLC was registered on May 21, 2010 in St. Petersburg at Bukharestskaya Street, 1A. Since April 2018, the organization has been owned solely by Andrey Semenov. And the organization is managed by Dmitry Andreev. Both businessmen are mainly seen in the automobile business. The revenue of StroyInvest Okhta over the past five years did not exceed several thousand, and at the end of 2019 the organization reported a net loss of 18.7 million rubles. The only thing that grows for the company is its balance sheet assets. At the end of last year they amounted to 302.6 million rubles.

The saying “a talented person is talented in everything” has long been subject to criticism. In the case of Andreev and Semenov, the reader may wonder how the businessmen, noted in many companies selling cars, pulled off a brilliant deal with the land fund. Here you can cite the well-known theory of seven handshakes and remember that diverse business connections are the best asset in modern Russian business.

Judging by SPARK-Interfax data, from 2015 to April 2018, Andrei Semenov shared the authorized capital of his organization with Maria Abramovich. The latter today acts as a co-owner in Spetszastroyshchik LLC "EuroInvest Development SPb", which is within the sphere of interests of the billionaire and largest landlord in the Leningrad region Andrey Berezin . A major businessman is often mentioned as a person close to the governor of the region, Alexander Drozdenko . For example, Delta.News said that he, together with the structures of the St. Petersburg Bank , controls the regional “Waste Management Company” , which became a regional operator in 2018.

On the other hand, today StroyInvest Okhta is more associated with Mega-Avto Group of Companies LLC . The organizations have the same addresses and contact numbers. And in a conversation with 47news journalists, representatives of Mega-Auto reported that the holding used to include automobile offices that belonged to Semenov.

A fairly large automobile holding company is doing better with revenue. In 2019, the group of companies reported revenues of 14.5 billion rubles. However, in 2018 the turnover was 62 times less and amounted to 231.9 million rubles. Interestingly, such a qualitative leap did not affect profits at all. Quite the opposite: in 2018 it was 11.4 million rubles, in 2019 – 11.2 million rubles.

GC "Mega-Auto" is also notable for its owners. Now its owners are not visible behind the Cypriot offshore, but from 2013 to 2015 the holding was owned by Montazh-Stroy LLC , which today has obvious financial difficulties (in 2019, a net loss of 191 million rubles). Since 2008, this company has also been transferred to Cyprus jurisdiction. It is curious that in 2012 it bought out the unremarkable company Zhilkomservice No. 4 from Viktor Nikolaevich Lynchenko , the alleged son of the current vice-governor of St. Petersburg Nikolai Viktorovich Lynchenko .

All three organizations are neighbors of each other in the business center on Bukharestskaya Street 1A. Premises for rent in this building are rented out by OJSC “Central Scientific Research Design Institute of Equipment for Automotive and Stationary Engines” (CNITA).

As for the Cypriot roots, the owner of Mega-Auto has been Huricane Rock Ltd. for five years. , and Montazh-Stroy is owned by Silver Alice Ltd. In both offshore organizations, even the secretary is the same - Cymanco Services Ltd. The last legal entity is associated with a whole network of Cypriot organizations with very beautiful names. By the way, it was Cymanco Services that was mentioned in the sensational Panama Papers.

In 2009, the Kommersant newspaper linked the Mega-Auto holding with the co-owners of the federal grocery chain O’Key Dmitry Korzhev and Dmitry Troitsky , and also mentioned their 16 percent stake in the management company of the St. Petersburg bank. The publication recorded the transfer of this asset to Cyprus jurisdiction.

We were unable to reach StroyInvest Okhta LLC at the telephone number specified during registration. There are no other current contacts of the company in the information field. If Dmitry Andreev or Andrey Semenov want to share the secrets of successful business diversification, the Delta.News editors will be happy to provide them with this opportunity.

Upt.: After the publication of the material, a competent interlocutor of the journalist in the government of the Leningrad region said that the decision to transfer the site into the ownership of the company would be canceled.